Antiproliferative anthracycline pink red-like pigments produced by new bacterial soil strains identified as Streptomyces coelicoflavus .!


Among 29 soil isolated actinomycetes, five new strains MFB11, MFB20, MFB21, MFB23 and MFB24 showed an intracellular hydrophobic pink red-like pigment production. These pigments present similar physio-chemical characteristics with anthracycline antibiotics of prodigiosin family. Crud extract and prepared fractions were tested by MTT on mice cancer cell line as well on human cancer cell line. The results indicated an important antiproliferative effect of the different strain pigments on the two organism cell types. Human cells were more sensitive to the pigments and presented different antiproliferative effect profiles. FACs analysis of this antiproliferative effect on cancer human cells line showed a cell cycle phase arrests at G1 and S.