Advances in the Multidisciplinary Management of Oral Cancer


Oral cancer occurs globally in approximately 355,000 people a year, with a progressive increase in the last decades. Nonetheless, diagnosis, tumor staging, treatment, and survival results have not significantly improved over the last 50 years.

Recent advances in basic and translational research allowed to better clarify the etiopathogenetic mechanisms initiating and driving oral cancer, with a particular focus on its interrelation with the surrounding microenvironment and immune contexture. On this conceptual basis, a comprehensive analysis of individual patients through precision medicine techniques may enable to finetune each step of oral cancer management in order to personalize diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up, potentially obtaining an improvement of survival and functional results.

Articles will include original research and reviews focusing on issues that have the potential for improving oral cancer management in the diagnostic, therapeutic, and follow-up phases, with special emphasis on recent developments in imaging, surgical techniques, radiotherapy protocols, targeted-therapies, and immunotherapy. Also, papers targeting applications of innovative diagnostic approaches and personalized multidisciplinary management are welcome. The focus of articles will be to identify novel factors that may favor a tailored therapy according to the patient risk-profile. Since surgery remains the mainstay of treatment for oral cancer, studies aimed at optimizing surgical outcomes, both from a functional and an oncologic point of view, are needed.

The aim of the Research Topics is to provide an overall view of clinical innovations in oral cancer, outlining future paths that may lead to significant improvements of outcomes through multidisciplinary collaboration and innovative approaches. Important topics to include are:

1) Innovations in the diagnostic approach
2) Biologic endoscopy techniques
3) Multidisciplinary management
4) Novel surgical approaches
5) Innovative reconstructive techniques
6) Radiotherapy in oral cancer: New techniques and indications
7) Chemotherapy and immunotherapy in the neoadjuvant, adjuvant, and exclusive settings


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