Prevalence of Enterobius Vermicularis


OXY-URIASIS is one of the most prevalent parasitic diseases in children and over 200 million people on Earth are infected. Aim of this study was an investigation of prevalence of Enterobius Vermicularis in Kermanshah city nurseries. This was a cross sectional (descriptive - analysis) study. Clustered Random Sampling was done, data was collected by questionnaire. According to the prevalence of this disease, Sample size was a determined 92 subjects in Kermanshah city nurseries. Samples were examined in the Kermanshah reference laboratory of parasitology. CHI-SQUARE test was used to determine the relationship between infection and different variables. Data was analyzed by using (SPSS version 18). In this study, 95 children were observed from the kindergartens in Kermanshah. In 14.7% of the children, oxy-uriasis (pinworm) was diagnosed. In total 13.7% children were infected for the first time. Significant relationship between sex and oxy-uriasis were observed. Among these children 7% had sucking habits, 14.3% had itching symptoms and 57% had signs of fatigue. The relationship between father s job and mother s job with Oxy-uriasis was statistically significant. The prevalence of oxy-uriasis among children in Kermanshah city kindergartens was 14.7%. Attention to personal hygiene by parents can help in reducing the disease. In all societies, whether poor or rich, if they do not observe hygiene and care towards children prevalence of this disease will increase .female children pay more attention to health and hygiene therefore they are less prone to Oxy uriasis.

xyuriasis is one of the most prevalent parasitic diseases in children which is caused by Enterobious-vermicularis infections. It is estimated that over 200 million people on Earth are infected. Female worm exits the anus at night and lays their eggs on the skin around the anus that will contain the larvae. Anal itching is a major symptom of the disease resulting in the transfer of eggs to the hands, especially the fingernails, and therefore will be able to infect others and himself (Autoinfection). The Eosinophilia is uncommon and low in this disease. Although the worm is often considered as symbiotic (commensally), but in many cases, especially in children, causing symptoms that include anal itching, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, irritability, and teeth grinding.

Advances in medical sciences have decreased morbidity and mortality in recent years. Nevertheless, parasitic infection is one the most common health problems in developing countries and so developed countries. It appears that prevalence of infectious diseases is specific to underserved and poor areas, but the interesting thing is that privileged people have this disease too. In Iran, the spread of intestinal parasites and oxy-uriasis is Unavoidable, because of type of work, life style and health status, unsanitary drinking water and the use of animal and human manure,  weak sewage system, waste spills in water in broken pipe in urban and rural areas, and the weakness in crisis management. In one study, an increased incidence of urinary tract infection in oxyuriasis was reviewed and it was shown that these cases in girls are more than boys. It has been observed that 57% of children with urinary tract infection were infected by oxyure, while only 10% of children had no urinary tract infection were infected by oxyure.

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