Remote sensing: invasive species

Image Invasive species are increasingly recognized as key factors in the breakdown of ecosystem function, processes, and services, and loss of native biodiversity. The success of invasive species alters the dynamics of other species in the habitat leading to irreversible changes, ultimately with losses of native biodiversity that can impact the stability and resilience of the ecosystem, possibly by loss of functional traits associated with resource capture and decomposition. Invasive plant species are a global problem and the pace of biological invasions requires better early knowledge about the ... Read More

Remote Sensing for Aquaculture

Image Aquaculture, particularly in coastal and marine settings, is the fastest growing food production sector in the world. It will nonetheless face continued and heightened pressure for growth as the global population increases; this under the challenge of changing and uncertain environmental and climate conditions. In order to expand current production practices, new sites characterized by appropriate conditions for cultivation need to be identified. Likewise, in order to sustainably optimize production under changing conditions, the cultivation of new species at existing sites and new aquacult... Read More

Application of Remote Sensing in Monitoring Drought Conditions

Image A growing number of Earth Observation sensors provide useful information to monitor the crop condition from space. NDVI is the most popular vegetation index and it represents the photosynthetic capacity of vegetation. The number of agricultural drought indices calculates by comparing the NDVI of time of observation with the Long term NDVI values and called as “multi-temporal agricultural drought indices” in this study. Some are developed using only the data of the time of observation and no time-series data required, therefore called “non-temporal agricultural drought indi... Read More

Am I Injured? The Confusing Truth about Pain

Image Most of us like to think we know ourselves fairly well – we know we’re happy when the sun is shining, when we drink a good cup of coffee, or when we spend time with our loved ones. On the other hand, we also know when we’re sad: we may have lost our favourite sneakers, hit a pothole, or experienced emotional trauma. In many ways, all of that seems quite evident to us. Yet things can get rather complicated when it comes to physical injuries. How do we know of we have neck pain, shoulder, or back pain? How do we know if our knees, hips, or lower backs are giving us problems?... Read More

An overview of LIDAR Technology

Image Light Detection and Ranging is abbreviated as LIDAR, is a remote sensing technology. This technology uses light to measure variable distances to the Earth. The light is emitted in the form of   pulsed laser. This technique is an integrated part of remote sensing technology. The sensor emits several thousand infrared laser pulses per second. Depending upon the location and orientation of laser scanner, the range of each echo from a laser pulse is calculated. Thus the received results help to build a 3D elevation map of the surface being measured. LIDAR technology has wide range of ... Read More

GIS and Remote Sensing Application in Assessment of Land Use and Land Cover

Image To investigate land use land cover changes (LULCC) in the Kieni sub-county in Central Kenya from 1987 to 2017, remote sensing and Geographical Information System (GIS) was used. This was done by downloading and processing landsat images of 1987, 1995, 2000, 2010 and 2017. Methods employed were, data identification and acquisition, image processing, validation and presentation. There were six classifications analysed which were; bare areas, bushlands, farmlands, forest, grasslands and waterbodies. The results showed an increase in the classes of water bodies, farmlands and bare areas by 314.... Read More

Plants give Life to Soul

Image Journal of Plant Biochemistry & Physiology is celebrating 7th Anniversary it’s been seven years we have started the Journal. The open access journal is published by Longdom who hosts around 350 open access peer-reviewed journals as well as organizes more than 100 International scientific Conferences. We are privileged to welcome researchers to our journal. Journal accept all topics related to Biochemistry physiology of plants. ... Read More

Lactococcosis in Reared Fish in Brazil and Control Strategies

Image Journal of Vaccines & Vaccination has completed 8 years of successful journey, now we are in 9th year for continuing the excellence in the publication field with the help of our glorious editors.  We are mainly focusing on publishing articles on the Human Vaccine Trials, Cancer Vaccines, Vaccine Adjuvants, Vaccine Preclinical vaccine studies, Childhood vaccines, HIV vaccines, Malaria vaccines, etc. Our journal accepting submission for the upcoming issue, authors... Read More

New articles heading up for Volume 10 in the Journal of Aquaculture Research and Development

Image Journal of Aquaculture Research and Development is an open access and peer review journal which deals with the study of principles in operation of capture and culture fisheries which helps to throw light on the definition of aquaculture. Aquaculture is an industrial process of raising aquatic organisms up to final commercial production within properly partitioned aquatic areas, controlling the environmental factors and administering the life history of the organism positively and it has to be considered as an independent industry from the fisheries hitherto. Journal focus on different types... Read More

On the grand occasion of 10th anniversary, Fisheries and Aquaculture Journal (eISSN: 2150-3508) expresses gratitude to all its elite panel of editorial board members

Image On the grand occasion of 10th anniversary, Fisheries and Aquaculture Journal (eISSN: 2150-3508) expresses gratitude to all its elite panel of editorial board members for their continuous efforts, support and encouragement throughout the publication journey of the journal, right from its inception in the year 2010 and congratulates them for making the journal achieve its goals and becoming successful as one of the leading and well-recognized broadcaster of scientific outcomes and perspectives from systematic enquiry... Read More

Increase Plant Science for Better Environment

Image On behalf of the Journal of Plant Biochemistry & Physiology, as Editor-in-Chief, it is my distinct honour and privilege to inform you that, it’s been seven years we have started the Journal, now we are celebrating the 7th Anniversary and we are privileged to welcome researchers to our journal. As Editor-In-Chief it is my great pleasure and honour to welcome you to the Journal of Plant Biochemistry & Physiology. The Journal ... Read More

Medicinal & Aromatic Plants Announcing Hefty Discounts on Article Processing

Image Open access publishers generally accept payments for article processing, web-hosting and online archiving. Medicinal & Aromatic Plants a constituent of Longdom Publishing SL has announced almost 30-50 percent of discount on article processing charge.   The editorial team of Medicinal & Aromatic Plants are overwhelmed by the response and eagerness of the academic and research contributors to publish with the journal and take part in the year-long celebrations. During this year we look forward to taking some initiates that would encourage and reward o... Read More

Journal of Horticulture Announces Special Issue Invitation

Image The Journal of Horticulture is scheduled to celebrate its 7th anniversary in the year 2020. The journal has successfully released several issues of peer-reviewed articles collated from wide geographic locations across the world since its inception in the year 2014, in addition to several special issues and International conference proceedings. The editorial team of the journal is planning to compile an edited special issue focusing on tending research activities in Horticultural Science. The theme/title of the upcoming specia... Read More

Journal of Coastal Zone Management Celebrating its 19 years of its existence in the field of publising

Image The journal of coastal zone management has completed 19 years of its existence in the field of publishing from the year 2001. It is one of the most reputed journals in the Longdom Publishing. It is an open access journal which mainly focuses on improving the coastal zone. The journal aims to gather the relevant information with the help of Geoscientists, Oceanographers, Marine biologists, Estuarine Scientists, Coastal engineers/Ocean ... Read More